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. >> san francisco has a legal obligation to provide adequate law library space for the needs of city and county of san francisco. it is a vital resource and a just (inaudible) public courts of law. i have been an active patron of the san francisco law library for the past 15 years and over that time i have become acutely aware of the need of each and every aspect of the law library, including the books, the internet resources the conference space and space for those members of the public and attorneys tho meet, as well as legal education for the public. before i was a member of the california bar, i relied upon the library for the legal research, access from 9 to 5, work schedule preventing me from accessing it, i also helped friends who are not lawyers access the resource whens they were in a panic over their legal situations. when i became a legal professional, i became aware that every system has relied on the library, i i am aware that it is a vital resource for me to meet my ethical obligation to be competent in representing my clients. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> my name
themselves okay good afternoon sir. >> hi i have lived in san francisco since 1980 and have been driving a tax i since 1984 i think that all of these people who are here have only one question. what is the beef? okay? after many years of driving a taxi cab in san francisco, i feel that i make less than minimum wage in san francisco. minimum wage in san francisco since 2000 has been 10 dollars per hour many taxi drivers are making less than 10 dollars an hour per hour when i started driving a taxi 1984 the number of taxi cabs in san francisco were only 650 right now the number is 1700 cabs. at the same time every single day there are twaen between 7 hundred and 9 hundred limos are operating illegally in san francisco and at the same time the population of san francisco since 1980 which was 735 thousand right now it has reached to 8 hundred thousand people okay? 650 taxi cabs in 1984 and in 2013735 taxi cabs. at the same time many buses are chartering from one place to another so the taxi driver at the most gets 2 to 3 rides every shift and we're not talking about the city that has a
are new trials granted. even here in san francisco we have struggled to fill three investigators positions for the last six months and we have hundreds of cases that need the attention of an investigator. so today we are going to study the aftermath of gideon and discuss what has to happen in order to fix it. i want to thank everyone who has made today so possible, all of you for being here. i want to thank or sponsors, kicker and van ness and jim and douglas and maratel and investigations. i would like to thank all the volunteers who made this possible. kathy, angela and everyone else who helped out today. i want to express my gratitude to the san francisco library for the last ten years and there is san francisco government tv and this is going to be broadcast throughout the year. so thank you. i would like to thank julie tron from the bar association. the bar association has been our partners in terms of providing defense for poor people. in cases where the public defender is not able to provide representation, those cases are handled by the private bar and they are doing an incredible
law in san francisco since 1974. i'm not an apology for the on-line search because until the legal data basis became available on-line, and as an attorney you were subject to the mersy of the people who made the indexes and they were not very small people and the great thing about the on-line data base is you can do the search and if you figure out the words that the court has to use to decide the issue that you want to do and you will decide that the index people may be there. and so i like that stuff. and the problem is that a lot of the resources that are in the law library across the street are not available on-line. for example, many of the older cases are not available on-line, the data base i subscribe to goes back to 1930. and when i practiced law at the firm that had a library, many years ago, the older law books, the older case books were gotten weathered and i called it getting into a leather when you (inaudible) that it was relevant. the beauty of those cases that was decided before the turn of the last century is that in those days, the courts decided the case in a pag
, for the record my name is amela lawrence and i have been a citizen of this city and county of san francisco for 44 years. i am here to let this board know or this committee know that you have a duty to keep this law library opened, and find permanent space for the next 100 years or more. it is my belief that even though we have a room full of attorneys right here, you also have an army of paralegals behind them, that use the law library as a source and means of empowerment. without it, they have nothing. i have watched this city and county destroy the main library and given it to a bankrupt foundation that you are on the hook for $100 million or more according to the papers. i have watched you build a new library where you destroyed 25 percent of the books and i watched you also close several of the peripheral law libraries in the city. we are down to one library. and the main library, at the veteran's war memorial. you need to find permanent space for it. if you need to find space back in the city hall on the 5th floor, do it. that is where it originally was. if you need to move out the ag
is generated in asia and that comes to the oh port of san francisco. it's a huge growing market as everybody well knows and this conference was filled with 5,000 attendees from different ports in the world. >> trip highlights i want to go through them briefly. there were many highlights and the trade show just being one of them, commissioner adams and jim, you have to get up early in the morning with commissioner adams, he works up to two hours before i have my coffee. i had to keep up with him. we talked to a number of different shippers and shipping lines. most of our leading shipping companies had boots there and agent operations and market staff we had a chance to visit with. there is a lot of interest in san francisco. a lot of the infrastructure projects are going to be sourced in china. we got confirmation of the trip of the tunnel boring machines that are used for the central subway projects. they are coming to san francisco, there will be another ship later in the spring bringing these ships to san francisco. there is interest in the central subway project steel components and const
, everything, it's not just from san francisco to san jose, you are talking about from napa and all places from around the world. i hope it's a future for many events to come. we thank you for coming out and hope to bring back the super bowl. thank you. [ applause ] we are celebrating the glorious grand opening of the chinese rec center. ♪ 1951, 60 years ago, our first kids began to play in the chinese wrecks center -- rec center. >> i was 10 years old at the time. i spent just about my whole life here. >> i came here to learn dancing. by we came -- >> we had a good time. made a lot of friends here. crisises part of the 2008 clean neighborhood park fund, and this is so important to our families. for many people who live in chinatown, this is their backyard. this is where many people come to congregate, and we are so happy to be able to deliver this project on time and under budget. >> a reason we all agreed to name this memorex center is because it is part of the history of i hear -- to name this rec center, is because it is part of the history of san francisco. >> they took off from logan ai
. in many cases those ports are putting up tents to process passengers as the port of san francisco does when we have too many ships or they are rehabilitating warehouse sheds at pierre 35 and dog doing what we have done here today in building a new terminal. this terminal, unlike any other in the nation is dual purposed everything about this terminal is meant to be used for cruise shipping and efficiency, but also for the region and for the visitors and the residents alike. not just the terminal itself, but the park that will come in 2014. the immense valley here and at the end, of course i must point out the expansive apron which will be available to the public everyday except for when the ship is in. there is new ships in asia. this terminal will compete with that. this terminal is unlike any other in that it is an environmental steward representing san francisco's reputation for leading the future off better than the past. this terminal has a unique namesake, named after james herman, president of the international long shore and warehouse unit it is a fitting name because herman wa
a subject of great interest for the people of san francisco which is rockslide, slope stability, which caused a dramatic front-page news. i am here with two knowledgeable and wonderful guests. i am here with a geotechnical engineer and a geologist. we are here to talk about rockslide, rockfalls, and related issues. what is the difference between a geologist and a geotechnical engineer? >> and engineering geologist deals with identifying site characteristics, mapping, the ground's surface, collecting all of this data. the engineer can come up with medications and designs. >> the structural engineer might be working on a building if there is a building involved. what is your role? >> i am interested in the physical properties of the earth and how the earth will behave: subject to different load changes. when you are building a building, you are applying a load and you are wondering if the earth will be able to supply that load. we work closely together and we come up with practical engineering solutions. >> this is when someone wants to build something. also, we have a rock piece of land
information officer for the san francisco municipal transportation agency. just want to talk about sort of [speaker not understood] the leadership that's come from the board of supervisors and the mayor, speak to some of the things that we're undertaking in our agency and what we hope to do in the future in terms of open date a. we have all of our next time -- next bus real time predictions available, [speaker not understood] park data and respond to a number of one-off requests as well. in the future what we're having coming forward is taxi data access system where we're going to offer the [speaker not understood] license developers to all taxi locations and electronically hail taxis in san francisco. all of us are very excited about that in term of making it easier for us to get around the city. also providing automatic passenger counter information to folks, additional information on transit vehicle and also bicycle information. one other area that we're working on that i know is of great interest to supervisor chiu and others is the information in terms of temporary closures of stre
about what san francisco is. >> we've been talking for years about how important it is to build new neighborhoods, to develop affordable housing, make sure we have transit-oriented sustainable green development that really is worthy of a 21st century san francisco. what we're doing today -- and, frankly, what we're doing this year will have impacts on the city for decades to come. thank you all for being part of this, and i look forward to that mid-cutting. i moved to san francisco 15 years ago for all the reasons that we all love our city. our cable cars. our hills. the diversity of our neighborhoods. and have loved every minute of being here. >> like many of you here, i did not actually grow up in san francisco. i grew up in another part of the country that was not quite as tolerant or quite as diverse. san francisco drew me, as i think it through all of us, because we live in a very special place. i just want to say on behalf of the board of supervisors -- we have a special responsibility and a special leadership role in the world. as we come together, we symbolize all of this da
francisco of mental health court, drug court. domestic violence court. but san francisco is at the cuff of considering what measures to take in serving individuals who suffer from mental illness and also individuals who suffer from drugs, substance abuse, chronic conditions. >> i would like to introduce john diaz from the san francisco paper, san francisco chronicle. i'm very pleased to introduce him now. john? [ applause ] >> thank you very much, jeff and good morning and welcome to our panel this morning on forced treatment and constitutional rights. can they coexist? i am john diaz, the editorial page editor from the san francisco chronicle and i'm moderating this modern's discussion with our distinguished panel. forced treatment as jeff node is one of the most contentious issues of mental health. as you look at our discussion there are informed and panelled views from both sides. there has been many debates on how to implement lawyer's law which consist of outpatient treatment. it was named after laura wilcox, a mental health worker who had been shot to death by a man who refused
believe is a win win for the city of san francisco and for the medical center and the center health system. by the name, my name is gerardo. this agreement ruts results in a significantly larger hospital. 120 beds. a significantly smaller hospital. 255 beds. saint luke's hospital will be 25 of all the cpmc. it will continue to provide the level of care with no financial conditions or projections and i think we have solved what was an issue and initiated on the side of the hospital. over and above the on going care obligation of the hospital. the agreement is $90 million for cash benefit and others related to health care, affordable housing and pedestrian safety. that's an overview of the deal and you will hear, i'm going to be to make some acknowledgements an those that negotiated the contract, the development agreement as to specifics. the process was one that i came into with somewhat or some bit of trepdation. i have been involved and know what i know from the board of supervisors from what i read in the newspapers. i was concerned about what it would be like to work with these young pe
to law school at university of pennsylvania. then i came back, and choosing to live in san francisco was natural to me. when you are a child, you do not realize what you had until you leave home. i had the opportunity to live in los angeles, abroad in ireland, and there is no place like home, when you are from san francisco. i have been a corporate attorney at palo -- in palo alto. i became an >> i worked in the finance industry about 5 1/2 years. in the summer of 2009 i joined a venture capital firm with two other partners. >> we are all excited about the americas cup here in district two but one thing if you think about it everyone knows what fleet week is like here in the marina. this is fleet week on steroids. think about fort mason, these will be the most brings taken places to watch the americas cup. what we're working on and working to continue to work on and want your input on, how do we make it a positive experience for the people that live here. >> i'm happily married and my life and -- wife and i live around laurel village. we have two children, five around they. we are p
it because that is your life. >> hi. i am cory with san francisco and we're doing stay safe and we're going to talk about what shelter in place or safe enough to stay in your home means. we're here at the urban center on mission street in san francisco and joined by carla, the deputy director of spur and one of the persons who pushed this shelter in place and safe enough to stay concept and we want to talk about what it means and why it's important to san francisco. >> as you know the bay area as 63% chance of having a major earthquake and it's serious and going to impact a lot of people and particularly people in san francisco because we live on a major fault so what does this mean for us? part of what it means is that potentially 25% of san francisco's building stock will be uninhibit tabl and people can't stay in their homes after an earthquake. they may have to go to shelters or leave entirely and we don't want that to happen. >> we want a building stock to encourage them to stay in the homes and encourage them to stay and not relocate to other locations and shelters. >> that's right
in san francisco and help kids k-12 and small donations and work with infrastructure working with the kids. did a lot of coaching and not so much baseball but soccer but we are fully vested in our kids having access to athletics. having the process open and fair to them and we run across something in youth baseball we're not happy with. a coach who have been for years coaching two teams in youth baseball has been removed from coaching with really no public input. you can what did he do? did he pick up a trash can and throw it at a umpire? no. did he push kids? no. he was talking about an after season tiewrnment and emails and the commissioners vote that's it. it's final. this gentleman cant coach. we have 60 parents fit to be tied. he coaches 30 of these kids. he came from the wrong side of the trucks. these kids respect him and he is very, very just -- i mean the kids are just crest fallen and i am asking this commission to shoin a little daylight on what is it with rec and parks youth baseball? we got an email to show you. his decision is final. there is no one
in san francisco where a shootout near alamo square leaves two people injured. we'll tell you what police are saying about it. >>> a bay bay boy -- a baby boy is lucky to be alive after shots rang out in a richmond neighborhood. the reward to help find a suspect. >>> new threat from north korea. the reason the leader has put all of his forces on stand by. >>> we will show you how catholics from around the world are observing good friday. that's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning, march 29th i'm pam cook. steve paulson is here with a look at the forecast. >> we kind of match clothes wise. >> yes, we do. >> fog is on the coast. it's going to be very warm inland in advance of this system which is now just approaching. it will mean big changes for the weekend. today if you're away from the coast. mid 70s. a lot of fog coast and bay. >>> there is a lot of fog. if you're driving across the bay bridge chp wants you to know it's very foggy there so use caution. that traffic looks pretty good with no major problems. also
colleagues in the education department in the fine arts museum of san francisco for an allowing me to speak today. valuable artwork -- rene, director of public programs and last on this list but certainly not least gregory stock who is a programming wizard. i'm so grateful for their individual and collective support. i would also like to thank the production manager who is behind-the-scenes somewhere. he's waving. our production manager consistently provide patient and reliable technical support which is beyond value when lecturing to large audiences like those of you gathered today. without further a do, i'm honored to share with you today paintings that comprise the exhibition here at the museum. girl with a pearl earring, from january 26-june 2nd the museum will be the first venue in the american tour of paintings from the royal picture gallery which is located in haik. how many have individual painting in the normal home? a good number of you. this unique museum is often called the jouleewelry box. it has the world's most prestigious paintings from the morris house which toured in 1982
as police officers here in san francisco there is a myriad of options that officers go through whether it's 51/50 where people are danger to themselves or to others, door alleys, i know there are some mental health professionals who work closely with our program. we are trying not to get folks into custody. dr. mcglaegen, when we like restaurants, it's no fun arresting a drunk. there is a huge range. but again, with the city of san francisco, you have to do something. when you have people that is certain unimaginable. they can't make the call. they would help themselves if they could but they can't. so in talking about the san diego sip program which i know our mayor is in favor of and we are going to try to do it in this city and we have talked to them about the work they do with dr. mcglaegen, if we can get it going and have them stop this. if you can't, you get 30 days, but you have to pick it or it gets picked for you if you can't pick. on the high side, jail is not something we want to talk about for people in crisis, the poison doesn't go in their arm, the poison doesn't go in their
selling when there are inspections. the goal must be to reduce san francisco to the average, that is when you include the entire state, and every community, at this point we are at 12.8 percent. and so an overview, and so just you know that you have a visual of tobacco outlets there are 1100 at most any given point, and this indicates that these blue dots indicate all of the retailers. just to give you a idea of where our kids are sold tobacco. >> here are the red cross and now those are places where we have documented in the last three years that the retailers sold to a minor and they sold to 15 or 16 years of age. all of these red dots that you see, these are instances in which a retailer for various reasons but ended up selling to a minor in sort of put that sales profit before the health of our community. so, very briefly, an overview of why tobacco sales are a crime. this is in some ways may be sort of obvious, but the reason that there is a concern of sales to people under of 18 that is when the young people become addicted and become connected to tobacco. and as you s
annual awards here at san francisco city hall. thank you all so much for joining us here tonight. it is an honor to be here. my name is daniel homsby and i am the program manager for the neighborhood department networks. an honor to see you here. many of the same faces for the fifth year for the men awards. let's give you an a plays for coming back. (applause) >> and celebrating one of the most important things we have in san francisco, which is our neighborhoods. without further ado, i'd like to start the program off by introducing my colleague, christina palone, the new director for the mayor's office for neighborhoods. christina palone. (applause) >> good evening, everyone. i'm happy to be a part of such a great ebit that celebrates the contributions made by residents and organizations throughout the city to make san francisco one of the greatest places to live. the mayor's office of neighborhood services also known as mons focuses on neighborhood outreach and engagement. it is an honor to be here with community leaders who are dedicated to the same principles and are positive
marriage. >>> giants world series win helped san francisco reach a record for tourism spending. san francisco travel association says more than 16 million visitors came to the city in 2012. they spent a record $8.9 billion. >> it's a destination place. people really want to come to san francisco and stay. they actually come earlier. they stay the weekend before and after. >> the america's cup and the bay bridge lights are expected to boost tourism again this year. this magazine also listed san francisco as a top destination. >>> another top destination yosemite it's welcoming visitors with new tents. three people died, ten park visitors became seriously ill after staying in curry village's 91 tent cabins. the virus is contracted by human contact with the fee sees. a park spokesman says the old cabins had double insulation walls which the mice were crawling through. >> we did a lot of work on the tent cabins in the park. >> since last summer's outbreak the cabins have been destroyed and rebuilt. 50 of the 90 cabin's will be ready for archers begi
(inaudible) and here as a resident of san francisco speaking on my behalf to reiterate of what the pastor says i was going to say the same message that we need to have legal services for homeless and people in need and the people part of the lgbt community, back and brown people, poor people, in general, they need legal services. if you see someone on welfare, or they cannot afford to pay $500 an hour, for an attorney and if he we down size the library, that is going to be a constraint for them. i support bigger library and i support that the library should be 30,000 square feet and current size of the library is too small, there are not enough seats there. not enough books. and we need more staff and more resources for that library. i want to point out one personal example that there is a contract that san francisco as signed on our carry no cash program. and (inaudible) was awarded $82 million and $86,000 since 2010, tac (inaudible) were in control and if you contact the citizens who live in the properties or people who have called for work for pac they will tell you so many stories tha
angeles and san francisco if the build -- if the money is there. a report supports the estimates of the statement of how much money it would generate but that will not silence critics who are scent california. the report raises questions of whether the $39 billion in federal money needed to pay for construction will really be there in an age of shrinking budgets. >> the brand new tom lantos tunnel at devil's slide tunnel will have lane closures today because of striping work. the work will begin at 9:00 in the morning and last until 3:00 in the afternoon. one lane of traffic will be open at all times so you can get by. the project opened monday on the san mateo county coast after years of delays. >> all you have to do now is find your way to the tunnels through the fog. >> what do we have out there? by the way, it is foggy friday. >> foggy friday. >> lisa has more. lisa? >> good morning, everyone. we are starting out with visibility reduced to near nothing at our coast. half moon bay, you have very dense fog and novato three quarter visibility with 1.25 in santa rosa. it will be
are the drivers in that area. >> we have eight dispatch services in san francisco, dispatching taxis from 30+ taxi companies that we have; all the data that could be available from those taxis instead of coming to one point comes to eight different points. we are pulling all that information through this process into one civil point so that we are not developing an app, we are creating a pool of data; someone using that service would've access to all taxicabs in san francisco, using all dispatch services however they set them up, not pulling any information about the dispatch service or any proprietary thing that they are doing, getting location and other data about the taxicab so if i am at the corner of -- and mcallister the service can identify the taxicabs in the vicinity; we are pulling them into one place. >> let me think about that one. >> i'm sure that we have public comment that should be get a board temperature check on the amendment? you cannot take public action until you take public comment. >> public comment not only on the item? >> as proposed. >> (calling speakers) >> hello. as
day and never forget the beloved city of san francisco. >> we should turn around and get the shovels. after 3. 1, 2, 3. all right. [ applause ] . all right. >> good morning, everybody, thank you for joining us this morning, in the bill gram auditor um and we are joined this morning by these gentleman up here but i wanted to especially thank our district attorney george gescon for joining us and being part of this wonderful effort that we are announcing today with our technology community and certainly with the families of sandy hook. i would like to thank the families who flew all the way here from newtown, connecticut for joining us here today in san francisco. and while you are far away from home, i hope that you feel welcomed in our city. as a father of two girls myself, i can't imagine the pain and grief that you have suffered these past three months. and i have profound respect for your courage and for your commitment, for turning this grief into action. the tragic and horrifying events in sandy hook elementary school, touched every american, a tragedy of this magnitude brings a
on facebook or twitter and we >> san francisco is home to some of the most innovative companies of the 21st century. this pioneering and forward looking spirit is alive in san francisco government as well. the new headquarters of the san francisco public utilities commission at a5 25 golden gate avenue is more than just a 13-story building and office ablation. instead, city leaders, departments and project managers join forces with local architectural firms ked to build one of the greatest office buildings in america. that's more than a building. that's a living system. ♪ ♪ when san francisco first bought this land in 1999, it was home to a state office building. >> this was an old eight-story brown building the state owned and the workers' comp people were in that building. it was an old dee correctvth it building for decades. when i was a member of the board of supervisors, all of us wondered why we hadn't done anything there and the mayor thought the same. >> if an earthquake happened, the building was uninhabitable. it sat there vacant for quite a while. the city decided to buy the
>> good morning, foggy along the coast with visibility near zero and over san francisco we have a good deck of low clouds and fog and in the north bay great our valley, napa, santa rosa and some of it moving across the bay so be careful, down to 44 in napa and 50 in livermore. we have clear conditions but we should look for fog along the east bay as well, along hayward and oakland. you can see the visibility is down to nothing at half moon bay and six miles at the san carlos airport. headed out this morning, look if clouds and dense fog in the valleys and along the coast and mid-60's to the upper 70's around the bay. a big warm-up today and the fog comes back tonight and we have a rainy weekend. >> good morning, everyone, we will check on our commute. >> good morning, everyone, happy friday, right now we have a live look outside at the tolls on the bay bridge. it looks like the follow is blanketing the area and traffic is moving through pretty well over there. the golden gate bridge shows fog cleared. now as we head over to menlo park we have an accident involving a couple of ca
] . what a great day. this is a tremendous day. a great day for the future health of san francisco. let me start by admitting no that you we are here, when we first started project i was not hugely optimistic that we are going to get here. i want to echo and appreciation for everyone who sat at the operating table to create this critical project. success has a lot of parents and let me first start by thanking my colleagues to what he referred to as the three amigos. i of course want to thank the many city staffers that brought us out today. i want to bring out the hundreds of folks but in particular thank you mr. mayor for working with us and in particular ken rich, you really get one of the major unsung hero award for your efforts. i want to take a moment also to thank our counter parts across the table from cpmc, this is a different conference than the conference i called for back in july, is that right? i want to thank you for your demonstration in san francisco and i look forward to opening up a brand new saint luke's and cathedral hospital. of course much has been said about gerardo
ceremony is going to be held tonight and for municipal governments in san francisco this is the academy awards this is the highest honor that a city government or team can receive each year there's a panel of folks who a assemble and out of that they select i think 3 individuals and one team again out of the thousands of managers in this city so i'm very happy and proud to announce that one of our nominees is being honored lee -- our director of security investigations and emergency preparedness and enforcement is one of the award ees tonight it's a very high honor it's something that she's been recognized for although she's only been with us for a short time first as an sfpd employee she has revamped the way we prepare for and manage large events and a restructures of our enforcement division and in a very short period of time has made significant steps so we think you know we're biassed we think this is a very well deserved award and i'll be there at the event tonight to introduce her as she receives the award it's a big deal we're happy she joined the mta and i think this is award i
of jerusalem and attend another mass in bethlehem where jesus is believed born. in san francisco, easter will be celebrated at the highest peak for the 91st anniversary. the mayor and the fire chief will take part in the celebration. special buses will depart from the forest hills station every 15 minutes starting at 5:15 on sunday morning for the ride to the sunrise service that begins at 7:00. >> tensions with north korea are rising. the military action taking place, today, in the communist country as it makes new threats against the west. >> first, a major announcement expected from the obama administration and it is likely to impact the price you pay at the butch. a live look at the fog engulfing the golden gate bridge. there is a lost this fog, or maybe you will not see much along the >> good friday morning. with the fog, it is pea soup from the north bay to parts of vallejo. the delta is clear. look at the north bay from petaluma, santa rosa, our beaches and along san francisco the san mateo coast we are looking at very foggy conditions, the san carlos airports at quarter-mile visi
people were injured over night in a shooting in san francisco's western edition neighborhood. it happened around 12:30 this morning on fell and pierce streets just a block from alamo square. it appears the occupants of one car fired on another vehicle. both have nonlife threatening injuries >>> drug sniffing dogs will be patrolling middle and high schools. they have dogs that can sniff out illegal and prescription drugs as well as alcohol on campus. budget cuts forced schools to stop using the dogs in 2007 but the dublin school board voted to bring them back last year. >>> san jose police are looking for two men that are suspected of robbing people leaving a light rail station. janine de la vega is at station with a look at the video police are hoping will lead them to the suspects. >> reporter: the second incident in the last couple of months where victims have been followed off of a light rail station and robbed in neighborhood. the first one happened on ray street but the latest involved a light rail station and happened in the evening
) ♪ >> fantastic. easily one of the best views in san francisco, so, if you've never had the opportunity to visit mclaren park, i highly recommend it. it's like finding a whole new part of san francisco. and now it's time for our last award, which is an award that we felt was an important element of our vision for the neighborhood empower. ment network and that was to takethe opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of folks while they're still with us. so, the lifetime achievement award is for someone we feel we should take this moment in time and thank in person for their contributions to the city. and i think we have this year's winner epitomizes the kind of person that we should take the time to acknowledge and to go further into that i'd like to actually take a moment and invite now our supervisor district 8 malia cohen who would like to share her opening thoughts on this award. (applause) >> can i just tell you how good it feels to be up here, to look out to see all the people that make everything possible, that really makes san francisco wonderful? and i just have got to give a special
are live in san francisco where a car plows into a house in the hunters point neighborhood. we will tell you what the victims here are saying about this experience. >>> we're live in san jose where police need your help in solving a robbery. we'll show you the video of men who were targeting people on a light rail. >>> and the fog is the story this morning. find out which bay area bridge has the thickest fog. >>> and threats of settling accounts with the u.s.. the new warning from north korea this morning. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday, good friday march 29th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm brian flores in for dave clark. let's get a quick check on the weather and traffic. steve it's a little humid today? >> it definitely was yesterday afternoon. >> yeah no doubt. fog is with us coast and bay. some areas inland are clear, clear. inland temperatures will warm up. tomorrow everything starts to fall apart but today watch out for that fog. here is sal. >>> steve, the san mateo bridge looks good. the fog hasn't reached it yet. you and i have been doing this long
news from san francisco we reported an hour ago. a car plows into a home in the city's bay view district. you will hear from a person that lives at that home. >>> also a man hunt in the south bay. you will see the video that police hope will lead to arrests. >>> a lot of fog out there. we'll talk about that and also what looks to to be a very warm day inland. >>> we are live in richmond where police say their highest priority is catching a gunman who's bullet hit a one-year- old. we'll have the latest on the investigation and the child east condition. >>> developing news from san francisco we first reported one hour ago. what led to this frightening scene in the city's bay view district. >>> we are live in san jose where police are looking for two robbers who targeted people riding light rail. we'll show you surveillance video of the suspects. >>> and the fog might make it tough for you to see on some commutes. the morning news continues. >>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this friday morning. good friday. march 29th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm brian flo
are searching for the driver who plowed into a home in san francisco's bayview district, then took off. it happened around 4:00 it morning. tara moriarty is joinging us with reaction from the home in the woman who thought there had been an earthquake. >> reporter: good morning. they thought it was an earthquake. the mother said the daughter rushed into her bedroom and said i think it's the big one and then they looked outside and saw the car smashed into their house where the blue tarp is. witnesses say the driver slammed into the house and then the suspect ran away. there appears to be about $10,000 worth of damage to the house and many items inside the garage were ruined, including a dryer. witnesses could not tell if the person was a man or a woman. they appeared to be latino or pacific islander. the impact of the crash was enough to wake up everyone inside the home. luckily, no one was hurt. >> came outside, nobody was hurt. all of the stones and rock and stuff is on the ground. very surprising. you don't really see too many disasters like this. >> reporter: police are running the
to /ub date you on the recent events that have occurred in san francisco. as you know i'm filling in for chief [inaudible] in virginia. in addition to being in virginia he made a side trip to washington dc to talk about the bipartisan committee on gun violence and he stroke directly on a straw buying purchase that occurred in san francisco. i'll go through what the recent events that have been newsworthy from the chief's last report to this report, i'm happy to report that it's been relatively quiet. we have not had a homicide report. i still knock on wood for that. our violent crime has continued to decrease with the exception of our property crime and one of those crimes is gonna be discussed tonight regarding the robberies of iphones tonight and that type of thing. we seem to be up in robberies. they continue to be up and the presentation tonight will address that issue, along with prevention measures by the san francisco state division. some of the newsworthy events that have occurred was unfortunately we had a shooting on march 7th of bryant street. it occurred at 3:48
. more than 100 national events will be held today, including this one in san francisco. >> we have moms whose children were killed 35 days ago. >> reporter: president obama says restrictions can't end gun deaths or violence all together but restrictions make a difference. >> none of these ideas should be controversial. why wouldn't we want to make it more difficult? >> the nra responded, the economy is weak, national debt is mounting, too many americans are out of work. president obama's push ended as he hugged the mother whose stood with him today. >> reporter: live tonight, and the rally is expected to start in 30 minutes. we have a few people already ready here. they have signs, protect people, not guns. 2500 dead from gun violence. in 30 minutes we will talk to the marchers, how they plan to march. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> as the gun debate heats up people rallied that san francisco office of senator dianne feinstein today but this was different. they wanted to show their support for the senator for her gun control efforts. harry reid dropped her assault weapons ban
in san francisco. gosh, your vision, i have been living with this vision for almost two years now ever since our city engineer said, come with me to this event and you are going to be surprised how we can turn infrastructure to a piece of art. i have worked with so many projects with roads and buildings that we oftentimes cannot lift this heavy piece of metal or holes in the ground an construction and not be able to see the work of art that contributes to this city and future. amy, thank you for your incredible leadership on this. i met you first at this event here but was immediately sold on the possibility that we can unleash art in the most creative way. this is in fact a beacon for our arts community, for a world class city and it has the ability to attract some $50 million of contributions to our economic vitality a huge base of fans that will visit our city. there is going to be 150 million visitors, i think it's going to be $97 million contribution to our committee already scaled by our travel association. so part of it is economics, but i actual, without even having those numbe
an antigay rant in san francisco. this is shock sitting outside moe's alley in santa cruz. she is dressed in white with tape across her white that says silenced by fear. during a show in san francisco last month she spoke out against same sex marriage. about two-thirds of the audience walked out. since then most of the clubs on her tour including moe's alley have canceled. >>> investigators in washington state are trying to figure out what caused that massive landslide that forced dozens of people out of their homes. it happened on wouldbe island near seattle on wednesday. one home has been destroyed. several others damaged. the county is now tagging other homes that are said to be dangerous and investigators have given the all clear to some of the people to return back home. >>> time now is 6:07. we are looking at traffic in the east bay. the fog seems to be closer to the bay and the coast. some of the east bay but not here in lafayette. it's nice and clear between walnut creek and oakland. you can see traffic that moves well to the tunnel. when you g
some shutout. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. >>> san francisco police are also investigating an overnight shooting that happened a block from alamo park and injured two people. it happened at 12:0 this morning at -- 12:30 this morning. police say shots were fired between two cars. one of the victims drove himself to the hospital. both victims are expected to survive. >>> drug-sniffing dogs will be sniffing out prescription drugs and alcohol in dublin schools. the school board voted to bring them back last year after they stopped using them. >>> police are looking for two men suspected of robbing people leaving a light rail station. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega is live at the station with more. >> reporter: brian, we're here in front of the berryessa light rail station. police say it was three teenaged boys who were riding and they were followed into a neighborhood about a half a mile away and that's where they were robbed. police want to know if you are ecnice these men. one is black, the other is latin
of the curtorial team of san francisco since 2008. and currently holds the position of assistant curator for european art. it has supported works from the 15th century, such as the mourners, cultures from the court of bergandy to the 19th century, including van gogh, and beyond master pieces. and she served as the assistant curator for the blockbuster, girl with the pearl earrings, including impressionists on the water and matice from sf mona to be honored later this year. we invited melissa to speak because he told me that his cloud series was inspired by growing up looking at dramatic skies in dutch landscape painting. welcome. >> thank you to everyone who came out this evening to the main branch of the public library, i felt like it was encased in a cloud with all of the fog and the rain and everything and so i have literally taken on this assignment with a great personal interest and i am seeing clouds everywhere. and when they first called one morning, and introduced herself and told me a little bit about this panel and this project i thought great, i know about clouds i see them ev
the cliff with family members. >>> in san francisco, a 68-year- old woman has died after she was struck by a car after crossing the street with her husband. tanya mathis was killed yesterday. her husband suffered a minor injury to his leg. this case is in the hands of district attorneys. >>> officials are urging 7,000 dental patients to get tested for hiv, hepatitis b and hepatitis c. they are all patients of scott harrison. an investigation began after one of his patients was found positive for hepatitis c and hiv. >>> according to the building in charge, the new restaurant will mix a craft man style with elements from a japanese shrine. he said it would open in a few months if all goes well. the famous restaurant was damaged during an early morning fire back on march 8. reconstruction is expected to start in about two weeks. >>> social media helps reunite a camera with its owner years after it was lost. >>> plus a new pope breaks with tradition. how he performed a holy thursday ritual like never before. >> some convention visitors to visitors coming into the city for a big gain. the s
library, here in san francisco and its accessibility and reference for persons that don't have attorneys, i think that to under mine that in any way is a detriment to san francisco. going to the courts and asking for help is not a possibility. to have the third parties such as the law library access to people who don't have access to legal services i think is vitally important and i encourage the board to take that into consideration in formulating your future policies. >> thank you. >> my name is (inaudible) and i am a volunteer with the coalition of concerned legal professionals. i have been working and i have been with the (inaudible) monthly legal orientation sessions. and i have witnessed the need for of the economically disadvantaged people of legal orientation and foreclosure and issues with social security ssi, and etc.. so i am aware that they staoet has the resources and i am a believer that we have here billionaires living in the city and this is a matter of justice. the working population of san francisco cannot afford of >> i'd like to welcome everyone back to the budget an
it was -- it should be stated as more of an incentive for the pilots to remain in san francisco. at the time the lease was signed they were considering moving to other cites, oakland, another part of the bay on this side. it was more of an incentive for them to sign. >> where is this? at the end of the pier? >> at the end of the pier. they have obstructed views. they look out to the east. one of the rooms to the north it's dramatic views. to the north and south they have no views. >> office space? >> we like to classify pier 9 as class b property. however, their space is somewhat unique in pier 9 constructed 20 years ago. it doesn't meet a d.a. codes and energy efficiency codes. it's more of a compartmentalized office where the modern offices like pier 1 are open plans. that's what everybody wants. they don't want the compartmentalized office. it's a hybrid space. they have a gym, they have kitchens, they have accommodations for sleeping. so it's really a mixed, they do vessel -- they maintain the vessels. one thing that you should know is when we say that it is a class b property, you do have to dri
is going to be able to work with the very difficult verse communities that we have in san francisco so that there is equal access in terms of the availability of this data. and it's not just the business community, but the nonprofit community, private residents, all of that. so, i think it's an exciting thing and i think that the more people who came here continue to be engaged, the more transparent the process will be. thank you. >> great. and i am also very interested to see how technology can better help government serve the people that we represent. so, with that, madam clerk, is there any other business before this committee? >> there are no further item. >> actually i would make a motion to move this forward with positive relevanttion. >> yes, with recommendation to the full board. all right. with that the meeting is adjourned. [gavel] (applause) >> ready to start. >> okay. roll call. >> commissioner rue, brandon, item 2 approval of minutes for the march meeting? >> all in favor? aye. >> public comment? item 4 executive session? favor? aye. >> okay. i move that we reconvene in
thank jeff and the san francisco public defenders office for this 10th year of the justice submit summit. thank you and i don't have a prepared speech. i do want to address some of these misconceptions. there is a bail reform and we are part of the reform. we are proud to say that we are part of our regulatory agency with the department of insurance to reestablish the industry. but alongside of that we are not a one size fits all industry. there is a place for the criminal justice system as well as the criminal bail industry. now we have testified along with catherine, our lobbying effort are basically this is what we look like. this is the lobbyist. we are not a high paid, i represent the mom and pop businesses throughout the state of california and certainly although hopefully our assurity companies employ their lobbyist. this is what it looks like. it not the chico's bail bonds. we are mom and pop and the majority of our agencies are owned by women. i'm eye i want to have the opportunity to say what we mean. legislator coming this year is what we are looking at at high cost
of dollars and funded local projects in san francisco and mclaren park and recently a grant for the visitation green valley development project and for buena vista park and we urged congress to provide funding so that was our main legislative initiatives. two others very quickly the national recreation park association is looking for a sponsor of a park infrastructure and finance act. the act is modeled after the transportation infrastructure finance and innovation act in place since 1998 and create a program for competitive loans and credit for the construction or cost of projects. this is a great way to leverage existing public funding or private funding to fill the gap. for example we have a funding gap for the sustainable nursery project in the botanical garden in golden gate golden gate park and this would be a mechanism to close that for that project, and finally we are advocating for the reconstruction and support of the community parks revitalization act and sponsored by kay hagan to carry out a revitalization program for the rehabilitation of critically needed pa
. workers are hoping to have the pipes back in working order later today. >> new this morning, san francisco police are looking for the gunman in an overnight drive-by shooting in 9 lower haight. someone in a car shot 5020-year-old in another car and injured a 32-year-old who was in a third vehicle. the 20-year-old drove himself to the hospital where he was treated for injuries to his arm. the 32-year-old flag the down police with injuries to his we face. so far, there has been no description of the gunman. one person has been released from the hospital but two remain in critical condition following a head on collision in richmond. it happened around 8:00 on 37th street. a ask -- camaro crashed head on into a pickup and that flipped. the driver of the vehicle was underage and was drinking. >> a woman crashed her car in the side of this house in bayview just before 7:00 this morning. the crash punched a hole in the side of the house. the driver ran off. no one inside was hurt. >> happening now, court wrapped up in a sex abuse lawsuit involving a school district and a victim would claims she w
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